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In A Mazechen you play a gardener who lost their life when they found themselves trapped inside a dungeon that has been insidiously enchanted to keep it's prisoners contained, even after death. Eventually this prison became your tomb and now that there's no one to tend to the castle's garden; your plants have almost completely withered away. But don't lose hope, even with your life snuffed out there is still a chance to save what's left of your garden. Whoever created this maze had hid several switches within it's halls so if they were ever imprisoned they could still escape using their knowledge of the maze's layout. As a ghost you seem to still have some control over physical objects, so maybe if you can find you way through this labyrinth, locate your gardening supplies and get to the exit; you just might be able to save one last plant.

Navigate the maze by hitting the colored switches that open gates with corresponding colors. Collect the seeds, soil, fertilizer, shovel  and watering can located in large open rooms then make your way to the labyrinth's exit in the north east so you can save your plant!

W, A, S, D keys to move up, left, right and down.

Space key activates the gate switches and allows you to see more of the maze.

Asset Artists:

Dean Przybilla

Natalia Olszewska

Maximillion Karl

Eric Schneider


Juri Knauth

Music and Sound Design:

Joe Chen

Game developed for a Game jam.

Release date Oct 26, 2019
AuthorsKire-Exion, JuriK, DeanPrzybilla, Nataliao
Made withUnity
Average sessionA few minutes


amazechen-win.zip Version 1.3 24 MB
Version 3 Oct 27, 2019
A Maezchen.zip (Original Game Jam Version) 29 MB

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